Cool camping

Combine a little luxury with the close- to-nature experience. Our comfortable, spacious and tastefully decorated tents give you the best views of wildlife so your safari experience continues at night.

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Stunning remote locations

Wayo takes you where few others can venture. Our camps are set in some of the most spectacular and scenic locations in Tanzania.

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Access to wilderness

Our camps are set right in the bush, among the wildlife to ensure your safari doesn’t end once you get back to camp.

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Wayo camps are "green"

Our small, private, mobile camps leave minimal carbon footprint and are one of the most environmentally friendly camps in Tanzania.

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Best value

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Safari in Tanzania

Wayo Africa is a leader in private safaris in Tanzania. Specialized in authentic activity safaris in beautiful remote locations in Tanzania. We offer a wide range of safari options, so you can tailor your safari to be exactly what you want and nothing you don't!

All our Green Camps are set in the heart of the bush at stunning locations, providing you an unique chance to connect with the African wilderness without equal. To start, simply take a look at our most popular safaris.

If you already have a rough idea of the places in Tanzania that you really want to see or experiences you can just send us an email and let us know your ideas. Depending on your needs, we will then start by suggesting destinations that you could visit, or if you have already chosen destinations, we may advise you on how to best combine them.

And if you'd like advice from someone who really knows Tanzania and safaris in Tanzania, we're here for you.