Wayo on TV

For the past few years Jean has been involved in a film production for TV. Ultimate Africa is the brainchild of Michael Dulton and Jean.

After taking Michael on a quick safari in Northern Tanzania these two dreamers came up with an idea for a TV show where the behind-the-scenes of the conservation world are explored and brought to the camera.

Michael, who has been a graphic designer, cameraman and editor, put together a short trailer video and showed it to a few people at Animal Planet. They liked it and wanted more! Michael came back to Tanzania to film the first full program in February 2005. When driving out of Arusha to start the filming neither Michael nor Jean had any idea what they were going to film.

The result of those two indecisive weeks was the first two shows - "Dyeing Pink" and "Cattle Raiders of the Night". It was these two shows that gave the team their entrance in to the TV world. These shows were enjoyed so much that Michael found himself back in Tanzania soon afterwards in the midst of a full-blown production filming four more programs.

Series I of Ultimate Africa started screening on Animal Planet Canada in 2007 and has since been screening across to the world.

The team continued to make more shows and Ultimate Africa Series II in HD is also currently screening across the world.

The most recent development is that National Geographic Wild is currently screening both series in the UK.