The Learning Space

The Learning Space is a small non-for profit organization located just outside of Arusha town. The coordinator, Joanne Hindle believes a quality education should be available to everyone.

Foremost The Learning Space is a school for 5 to 8 year old kids of mixed nationalities and economic income groups.In principal fees paid by kids with parents earning good salaries fund kids who cant.

The Learning Space also provide the following:

-Teaching of English and life skill classes for local Tanzanian woman in the neighborhood.

-It provides learning opportunity for kids from a local orphanage some days of the week.

-Kids from a large orphanage, The Piece House use The Learning Space pool for swimming lessons once a week.

-Joanne is currently involved in securing funds for the construction, set-up and management of a primary school in the nearby area. This school, with the input of trained staff will become the school for a large group of orphans in the area.

The Learning Space will have a nursery facility from September 2009 operating under the same principals.

Wayo Africa assists The Learning Space in various ways. We take kids on educational excursions in to National Parks close to Arusha. Here kids are exposed to wildlife and wild places at a young age. We also take kids on canoeing and sort walking safaris.

Wayo Africa give all guests traveling with us the opportunity to donate something small to The Learning Space.