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Tanzania activity safaris

Providing activities in Tanzania is our forte!

After working in lodges in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro and feeling that guests do not experience the essence of Africa by staying inside a vehicle all day; started Green Footprint Adventures in 2000 as Tanzania's first activity-based safari operator. We started small - offering guests the opportunity to go on short bike rides, walks and canoeing safaris in the .

You get a very different appreciation of the bush if you can experience it from outside of a vehicle. Also being on foot or bike makes you more aware. You can smell and feel, ultimately Africa is all about the senses, and in a vehicle it is hard to experience these.

Our activities are not only for the super adventurous and fit, they can be enjoyed by almost all ages and fitness levels. They were designed to give all guests the opportunity to "touch the earth".

Green Footprint Adventures still outfit short and easy activities but we are now operating in Arusha, Arusha National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, Mto Wa Mbu village and in Karatu town. Please read the rest of the activity section to get an overview of all our activities.

We also offer longer safaris. We operate these activities under the name . Wayo Africa can take you on some of the most amazing multiple day hikes in areas such as the Serengeti National Park, Tarangire National Park and other wilderness areas across Tanzania.

Check out our Walking safaris page for more information on these amazing safaris.

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